Looks like our Mayor is finally taking an interest in our public schools.  Just in time for Primary day.

Now’s your chance to hit the Mayor up for money folks. He’s giving it out like the city actually has it.

The last 2 weeks and probably for another 3 before the primary, Mayor Brown is finding cash all over city hall to buy his re-election.

24 hours before the first debate and less then a month before the primary fight of his career, Byron Brown ‘finds’ $400,000 to restore the city music programs.

Of course the Buffalo News is there to propagate the Mayor’s campaign reelection efforts with no real questions about his motivation and timing of this sudden re-appearance of city funds.

Standing with students, parents and teachers at an East Side school, Brown announced that the city would allocate $400,000 to restore threatened instrumental music programs in each affected school.

The money may not restore every teaching job, but it will restore programs in each of 14 affected schools, Brown said.

The Common Council hasn’t even had a chance to look at the option let alone vote on it and Mr. Ribbon Cutter is standing out in front of a school with newfound money.

How convenient. Fortunately no one is buying it this time:

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Here is what Bernie Tolbert had to say:

Tolbert noted that today’s announcement by the Mayor of restoration of $400,000 in education funding for music programs sounds like a new tune, but is really just politics as usual.  “Whenever Mayor Brown has been called out on the current disastrous state of the Buffalo Public Schools, his leaderless answer has been the same every time.  The schools are out of his control and he has no part in their administration,” Tolbert said.  “Yet now, in the midst of the  campaign to elect the Mayor of Buffalo and twenty four hours before the first debate in the campaign, Mayor Brown miraculously finds the power to leverage $400,000 from somewhere in the city’s general fund to restore music programs in some of the city schools?  So as the Buffalo Public School System struggle with issues of declining student proficiency and a rising number of failing schools, the mayor finally decides to step forward to help bring music to some of the schools?  That’s not leadership.  That’s politics as usual and the citizens of Buffalo and the students and teachers in the Buffalo Public School System deserve better.”

Sergio also called it reactionary:

Earlier today Mayor Brown announced that the city would allocate $400,000 to restore the instrumental music programs at Buffalo Public Schools. Mayoral candidate Sergio Rodriguez sees this as a reactionary move and issued the following statement.

“This is further evidence that we have a reactionary administration, rather than one that leads and listens to the concerns of the people.

“It shouldn’t have taken me calling out the mayor for his lack of leadership on the issue of education for him to finally step up to the plate in some way.

“This is simply a last-minute election year attempt by the mayor to create the impression that he has somehow been involved in our children’s education.”