Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz announced that Erie County will hold a Tax Foreclosure Auction on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 in the Mason O. Damon Auditorium in the Downtown Central Library. Since taking office in January 2012, the Poloncarz administration has held two foreclosure sales that have yielded over $14 million in delinquent property taxes while returning over 125 homes and businesses into productive taxpaying properties.

“Erie County will continue to work to bring delinquent properties back on the tax rolls, settling accounts and ensuring that these properties do not continue to be a drain on hard-working taxpayers and homeowners across the county,” said Poloncarz. “This foreclosure auction will once again send the signal that Erie County is engaged in addressing the problem of foreclosed properties and the negative effects they have on our community.”

The October 2 sale initially began with 150 properties slated to go to auction, but redemptions have reduced that number to 60 parcels that will be on the block that day. The Erie County Department of Real Property Tax Services forecasts that another $6 million will be collected as a result of prior redemptions and auction day sales.

Director of Real Property Tax Services Joseph Maciejewski added, “Due to the overwhelming success of the last two auctions, my office decided to offer pre-registration to meet the needs of potential bidders by reducing the amount of time it took to register on the morning of the Auction.  We have also seen an increase in the amount of investors from other states and Canada.”

Doors will open for the October 2 Tax Foreclosure Auction at 8:30 AM, with the Auction commencing at 9:30 AM. For more information visit 

To pre-register for the October 2 Tax Foreclosure Auction, visit