After more than 9 months in elected office, and repeated public denials of any association with any outside company, Stefan Mychajliw today continues to represent himself as active in a private for-profit public relations firm on the company’s website.

Click here to visit Profit Media Group, which includes photos of Mychajliw on the home page and an additional page.
The conflict was revealed this morning at a candidates forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of Amherst, where a voter asked Mychajliw why his photographs appears on the website of Profit Media Group, a Buffalo company he founded after he was let go from two television stations.  Mychajliw’s rambling reply, in which he described how he and his family contribute to several local charities, never answered the voter’s question.
“Something is awry here,” Kevin Gaughan, Democratic opponent of Mychajliw.  “Even if Mr. Mychajliw is not active in the business, the presence of his photographs on the company website misleads clients and potential customers of the business.”
“Even businessman Chris Collins, perhaps not the most transparent of public servants, fully divested himself of his business interests while serving as county executive,” Gaughan concluded.  “The obvious questions here are: does Mychajliw’s private business have client contracts that require him to perform services while he is county comptroller; if so, who are these companies, and do they do business with Erie County, and finally, if this is the case, why in the past several weeks, including in an article published by The Buffalo News, did Mychajliw claim that he has no affiliation with Profit Media Group.