New York State Republicans are still so red-assed over the misinterpreted statements of Governor Cuomo that they made an online ad campaign about it.

The original online video ad is similar to a late night commercial that make you want to hug a puppy  or ‘adopt a starving kid from Africa’.

Unfortunately, Nick Langworthy and the gang at ECGOP headquarters missed the mark  by opting to use a few shifty eyed conservatives half heartedly reading off a TelePrompter behind some sad Sarah McLachlan type music.

So we decided to help them out by spicing up their commercial,  mixing it with sad puppies and kittens for a more ‘tug at the heartstrings’ approach.

The result of the mashup will either make you want to go out and hug a sad Republican, or kick one in the privates.

We always opt for the groin kick.