Here is the full written statement by now former NYS Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak:

Just a few days ago, I was provided the last in a series of allegations made by a group of women who were members of my staff. I have not replied until now because I had not even seen all of the allegations until two days ago. It would have been foolish to respond to allegations I had not yet seen.

During this difficult time, I have continued to fulfill my obligations as a member of the New York State Assembly. I attended meetings in my district and worked in my office responding to requests and inquiries from my constituents.

I have also had lengthy discussions with advisers, supporters and long-time friends. Most importantly, I have spoken at length to the people who mean the most to me, my family. I have also observed first-hand the impact this has had on them.

At this time, I want the public and my colleagues to know:

• There was no sexual contact between me and any members of my staff.

• There was never a request that sexual contact should occur.

• There was never any intent on my part to sexually harass any member of my staff or to create a hostile work environment.

• In fact, there are allegations that have been made that are demonstrably false.

• There was mutual banter and exchanges that took place that should not have taken place because it is inappropriate in the workplace even if it does not constitute sexual harassment.

My decision today is based upon the impact this has had on my family and my concern for the important work of the assembly.

I have, therefore, decided that after 32 years of public service, I will retire from the New York State Assembly. I want to thank all my supporters and constituents from each stage of my public life. It has been an honor to represent you. I am proud of the legislation I have sponsored and the issues I have championed. Often these accomplishments have made a difference in the lives of the people I represented.

I will continue to defend the allegations in the civil litigation that have been made against me, the assembly and the state of New York.

I want to thank all who have reached out to offer support to me and my family. I have learned who my true friends are.

This is a difficult time for me and my family. I will consider questions at a future date.

– Hon. Dennis H. Gabryszak