You’ve heard the revelations about government surveillance practices, both in the U.S. and around the world. They’ve sparked a long-overdue debate about the true scale of government surveillance programs, and the laws that govern them. It’s time to demand a change.

Today, Google is standing up with the web to call for urgent reform.

Call your members of Congress right now, and tell them you demand a change.

Google recognizes the very real threats that the U.S. and other countries face today, but we strongly believe that government surveillance programs should operate under a legal framework that has very specific rules, is transparent and accountable to oversight, and keeps users like you safe.

In Congress, the USA Freedom Act would enact many of the principles that Google and other Internet companies, organizations, and users have been demanding. The bill’s sponsors, Representative Sensenbrenner and Senator Leahy, said government surveillance programs “have come at a high cost to Americans’ privacy rights, business interests and standing in the international community.” We couldn’t agree more, and trust you do, too.

Urge your members of Congress to support the USA Freedom Act and reform government surveillance today: