by Alberta Parish

One morning (February 20, 2014) during an interview with Good Morning America, the parents of Florida teen, Jordan Davis, who was gunned down at a gas station in Jacksonville on November 3, 2012 said that “justice on earth is one justice but always look to God to be the ultimate justice”.

There is only one kind of justice, and it was delivered last week when twelve jurors convicted Michael Dunn for three counts of attempted second-degree murder and one count of firing into an occupied car. However, Michael Dunn was not found guilty of first-degree murder despite the fact that he lied to police and also during his trial about seeing a gun pointed at him by the victim. There was no physical evidence of any firearm present in the vehicle carrying Jordan Davis and his friends on the night of November 3rd, 2012.

Dunn will be sentenced next month, and faces 60 years in prison. Any kind of justice the parents of Jordan Davis think they will get from the great sky daddy is a figment of their own insane imagination, and they need to return to rational thinking very quickly.

Recently, Jordan Davis’ father, Ronald Davis told the press that he wants to visit Michael Dunn in prison. Davis told Nightline, “I would like Michael Dunn to put me on his visitor’s list in prison. I would like to go see him and sit across the table. One thing that I know that we would talk about is, I have to try to make you understand what you’ve taken away from our family, some way, whether it be words or what, I have to make you understand. We have to make him say that, you killed Jordan and it was unlawful.”

I almost feel like Ronald Davis plans to preach Michael Dunn into having empathy for taking his son’s life. What if Dunn is an atheist and doesn’t subscribe to religious nonsense?

The problem with Black Christians is they think that by preaching Christ and the gospel to people like Michael Dunn, it will somehow soften his heart and make him have regret for what he has done. Many Black Christians fail to realize that human beings are both good and bad. Everyone including so-called Christians is capable of committing first-degree murder and attempted murder like Michael Dunn. But many people choose not to kill.

As an atheist, it is my own morality that keeps me from taking a human life. We don’t need a cosmic entity or holy books to teach us morality, because morality is what we already lived by long before god and religion were invented.

The parents of Trayvon Martin also quoted biblical scripture and talked about how god is the final judge.

Unless their son’s murderer, George Zimmerman commits another crime that could land him in prison, he still remains not guilty of Trayvon Martin’s murder and your biblical god has not avenged your son’s murder!

Black Christians like Ronald Davis and Lucia McBath need to come down from their moral high horse, and stop pretending like their imaginary friend in the sky hears and answers prayer. No one has ever seen god, and, therefore, cannot prove his physical existence. Not one Christian, Muslim or Jew been able to provide evidence of the existence of their sky deity. Neither have they proved the existence of an historical biblical messiah, because the Bible like the Qur’an is complete fiction.

What annoys the hell out of me about people like Ronald Davis and Lucia McBath is they are too goddamn calm and serene while giving interviews to the press. I think it’s all an act. They are too willing to forgive the enemy that took their 17-year-old son’s life. They almost act inhuman by their words and actions on national television.

Since Jordan Davis’ parents have been greatly indoctrinated by Christianity, which teaches practitioners to pray about everything and cast their burdens upon the imaginary sky deity, I’m not surprised that they have lost their humanity and act inhuman.

Michael Dunn was not found guilty of killing your 17-year-old kid, and you want to visit him in prison to get answers when you already know the answers!

Christians love to cast judgment on religious skeptics and nonbelievers, and claim that atheists have no morality and human decency. At least I maintained my humanity, even after making my exit from Christianity. Can the same be said of Ronald Davis and Lucia McBath? They act like a couple of puppets afraid to tell the media what they really think about Michael Dunn and people like him that help to keep the system of white supremacy and racism afloat. When are black people going to stop making excuses for people like Michael Dunn on national television, and stop pretending like they have forgiven their son’s murderer in order to make themselves look saintly?

There are times when I’m around so-called Christian people who like to throw biblical verses around and pass judgment on others who do not think like they do. Sometimes, I ignore these people for the sake of peace. Anyone who is always quoting biblical scripture but also spreads vicious gossip about others is a hypocrite. I don’t listen to hypocrites, and I don’t like hypocrites.

Ronald Davis and Lucia McBath need to wake the hell up and do it quickly.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.