by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

The articles that I now write without fee to subscribers, nonetheless, cost me thousands of dollars monthly. They fall outside of the articles traditionally published by the Black press. These free articles match the quality of articles found in costly trade journals. Corporations require information that have been analyzed and vetted by professionals and not simply by journalists.

It is being reported that Steve Balmer, former chief of the Microsoft Corp., is in line to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA for $2 billion. This is a sweetheart deal especially for Donald Sterling, its owner, who has been engaged in group defamation. Every person of African ancestry has “standing” to sue Donald Sterling and his wife, Shelly Sterling.

I filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice against Donald Sterling. The Justice Department would sue under the U.S. Constitution and not simply under the NBA Constitution. A federal court would be asked to treat the Los Angeles Clippers as a “plantation.” Sterling would be asked to pay for not only hate speech but also for managing a plantation.

The Thirteenth Amendment forbids anyone from maintaining a plantation. A plantation should be treated as contraband. Black’s Law Dictionary defines contraband per se as “property whose possession becomes unlawful regardless of how it is used.” Thus, dribbling a basketball on a plantation for profit is unlawful. The proceeds should go to the protected class.

This empowers the U.S. Department of Justice to seize the Los Angeles Clippers and distribute the proceeds to all descendants of enslaved Africans. Otherwise, crime does pay. This forced sale is not a sufficient deterrent against slavery. Because of a forced sale under the NBA Constitution and not under the United States Constitution, Sterling will also reap a tax windfall amounting to over Three Hundred Fifty Million Dollars.

Charles Hamilton Houston said that “any Black lawyer who is not a social engineer is a social parasite.” Black lawyers should be in the vanguard of the litigation to seize the Los Angeles Clippers. Since the Compromise of 1877, the U.S. Department of Justice has shown no inclination to enforce the constitutional rights of Blacks who are in dire need of at least one super heavyweight in the legal profession

No one can find the crimes of Sharpe James former Mayor of Newark, NJ in the penal codes or in the U.S. Constitution. James became a political fixture after twenty years in City Hall and nine years in the New Jersey State Senate. This was too much power for one Black man to exercise in New Jersey. It would elevate Blacks from constitutional squatters to constitutional fixtures.

We must define ourselves. James was a political fixture. “Plantation politics” is not designed for any descendant of enslaved Africans to become a political fixture. This position is only designed for someone like the late Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago. Eventually, Daley would also become a major player in state and national governments.

Alton Maddox joined former Mayor Sharpe James at the Harlem Branch Library, 124th Street and Fifth Avenue in Harlem Thursday, May 29th to engage in a likely dialogue on former elected officials as political prisoners and the future of the mayoral administration of Ras Baraka in Newark. Maddox foresees a bitter battle brewing between Gov. Chris Christie and Mayor Ras Baraka.

The question is whether the BLA will make an appearance in Newark. Winston Churchill said, “Politics are as exciting as war and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once but in politics many times.” The hands of all Black voters must be on deck to protect Mayor Baraka. “Those who fail to learn from the lesson of history are condemned to repeat them.”

Mayor James has penned “Political Prisoner.” This book should be of great interest to every Black who has been a POW. America is a battlefield. All persons captured by law enforcement agents are destined for the “criminal justice system” with a final destination in the prison-industrial complex.

Will Chris Christie strike again? He was U.S. Attorney for New Jersey in 2008 when he bagged Newark’s Democratic Mayor Sharpe James. Now, he is governor of New Jersey. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party enjoy a political duopoly. “Hurricane Sandy” was a smoke screen for President Barack Obama and Gov. Chris Christie who is a nominal target. Mayor Baraka may be the victim.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471