by Chris Stevenson

Is it possible for a female to shoot herself in the head with a rifle? An M-16 assault weapon? Before you decide whether the shooting was before or after she poured lye into her vagina, snap her own neck, punch out her teeth, and set herself on fire, some of you will probably answer ‘well that depends on who told me.’ Well whether you know of this case or not, the US Army is telling you. Of course we all know the Army doesn’t lie. The specific case I’m telling you about is regarding a black female. Yeah sisters get depressed, but not that depressed.

Army officials are right now scratching their heads wondering why more than a few people out there don’t believe them, yet when I think of the ruling that passes itself off as a plausible explanation into the death of private first class (PFC) LaVena Johnson I can only think about Tawana Brawley and how the powerful white man (i.e. key decision makers) now has millions of people believing a young black girl can rape, beat, mutilate, and smear animal feces over her nude body and then stuff herself in a plastic bag. Of course this is their way of telling us not to ask questions, on the other hand I know of no one encased in white skin who is worth all that protection in exchange for acts of abuse, and murder. This of course includes any soldiers or officers in any branch of the military worth protecting, the answer is no.

The best way to find a suspect or suspects is to know specifically all the people who were in her platoon or regiment, because even if none of them were directly involved, what are the chances at least one of them knows someone who is? I understand the Army’s job is to protect democracy and not be a democracy. But for them to arrogantly expect people to take their conclusion that Pfc. Johnson committed suicide at face-value means they must be fantasizing they are the Watchtower Society and the rest of us are mindless door-knocking Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The lengths organizations go to, to protect reputations whether real, imagined, tainted or crushed into pieces is astonishing. The US Military has long been tied to corruption. Years ago near Buffalo, NY there was a similar situation, back on 3/4/98 Army National Guard Captain Gordon Hess of nearby Jamestown, NY was found in the bed of a creek with 26 stab wounds. After 13 whole months the Army Criminal Investigations Command and Armed Forces Institute of Pathology determined his cause of death to be “suicide.” Barbara Wolf on the other hand said it was homicide. Wolf is a Forensic Pathologist who worked on OJ Simpson and Flight TWA Flight 800. Now in all honesty, you shouldn’t have to be a Forensic Pathologist to suspect murder. Especially regarding 26 stab wounds. An Army captain wants to take himself out, he has access to a half dozen quicker and less painful ways. The same rule applies to Johnson.

Most of you out there will conclude 26 stab wounds is homicide, a no-brainer. Yet there are a large segment of people out there that will deeply resent you for it, if an official ruling says differently self-appointed status quo followers with no dog on either side will go for the official ruling and defend it to the death if necessary. What about the military community? Reporters from “Essence” magazine (which used to be a journal devoted to black women) and other major news reporters were chased away. Understand Pfc. Johnson’s evidence is more glaring than Capt. Hess.


It’s not so much the idiocy of the ruling that bothered me back then. This was/is Buffalo, a lot of people here were good with it. If we try to stop others from uncovering the truth based just on ‘people won’t like this’ we would have to examine ourselves, we would still be living in medieval times if we listened to them.

LaVena’s killer(s) seem to be the most meticulous forensic-cloaking suspects in history. Other than the aforementioned condition, she was found “completely dressed in the burning tent. There was a blood trail from outside a contractor’s tent to inside the tent.” One doesn’t just brutalize themselves, pour acid over their private area and get dressed do they? What needs to be found out is not just who the killer or killers are, but who are the “high officials” that stopped her homicide investigation and re-classify it a suicide. There is reportedly strong evidence out there.

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