Sometimes a picture speaks volumes. On Sunday, the above photo came across my computer screen and I was immediately moved. The wooden cross you see is grave marker located at Saint Adalbert’s Cemetery in Cheektowaga. It belongs on the 100-year-old grave of Michalina Buczkowska.

The the grave marker has become a pet project for Edward Kornowski, a member of the Polish Genealogy Society of New York State and the Western New York Genealogy Society. He has repainted the cross a couple times over the years, but discovered on a recent visit that it had broken off its base.

Kornowski has now started an effort to replace the cross with a new one. He is looking to raise $1000 to cover the cost and is seeking donations through crowdfunding site Indiegogo…$400 has been raised thus far.

To read more about the effort and donate, follow the link below.

A time to give.