Yesterday I received two invitations in the mail—one for a wedding and the other for a wedding anniversary celebration. That brings me to a total of three wedding celebrations on my calendar in the weeks between August 30st to September 26th.  And while each celebration is different in color and theme, they all have one thing in common…..”and Guest”.

Yes, each one of my wedding celebration invitations includes those two fateful words. As a single woman, that invite phraseology usually means one thing —calling my daughter to see if her calendar is clear.

Yet despite the fact that my daughter and I  always have a blast whenever we “and Guest”, I’m thinking it would be nice to attend these dining and dancing soirees with a gentleman.

I’ve been on my own for seven years now. In that time I’ve met and dated a number of great guys, all of whom remain my friends. Yet no, “and Guest” fellow has come along to fill that space in my life between single and married.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with being on my own. I love my life on the farm. I enjoy great freedom, independence and the all-important luxury of being able to eat whatever and whenever I want (read cookies in bed and ice cream from the carton at 2 am).

As for marriage, it was important at a certain time in my life, but not so much anymore.  It’s just the “and Guest” space in-between that’s at issue. The question is how to solve it.

I decided to review the process I’ve gone through in the last seven years trying to meet that one special “and Guest” fella. What I ended up with  was a list of opportunities that included blind dates, fix-ups with relatives of friends, Internet rendezvous and professional and social events where singles meet and mingle. All failed my “and Guest” mission, with the only common denominator in those failures being me!And Guest

Giving myself some time to recover from that ego-crushing fact, I have since been able to come to a more comforting conclusion: up until now, I have not really been ready for an “and Guest” man in my life. However, the arrival of these wedding invitations let me know that the time has come.

So, I am writing this column and putting it out into the Universe, Christina Abt and Guest have three great parties waiting to enjoy.

All that’s needed now is a response.