by Zachary Husser

Dear Beloved,

The showing of a video saying it’s Mike Brown taking cigarillos has nothing to do with murder of the 18 year old young man! We shall not be sidetracked by films nor no information about the death for seven days! Nothing is going to take Us off focus from the White Supremacist actions in Ferguson, MO. The Actions include murder as well as Military Occupation of American People by Facist/Racist for several nights. Military equipment pulled out to treat Black Americans like we’re in a War Zone.

There’s nothing the Missouri Police Department from any part of the State can say to make the murder and Occupation correct! We’ve seen what these White Supremacist will do to Black People and now We must prepare to protect ourselves! This entire situation must be cleared up. A Recall Vote is needed to throw out the Police Chief, the Mayor, and All other politicians that had input into what we All saw, the reckless disregard for Black Life!

Just finished reading the survey put out by folk involved in Education and I want you to see what they’re findings say. We know a Story that isn’t being told in these “Surveys” because it deals with our daughters and sons. What are WE going to do about the “Educational Gap” that leaves Our Children in NEED of so many resources to catch up with other ethnic groups by age appropriate rankings and ratings?? This eduction of Our Sons & Daughters is a JOB we have to DO!

The high drop out rate from high schools by our boys working to become men tells Us WE have to take charge of the Education of Our Children. We’re involved in an “Epidemic Educational Crisis” as it relates to Black Boys dropping out of high school and WE are not responding like an Epidemic is upon Us! Why? That’s something WE have to answer and deal with. If not Us, then Who?

Check out the following link at for the assessment of the facts by the Casey Foundation as well as the personal financial site Wallethub. These outcomes are what these organizations are telling us based on their research. Past this information along to your network. Do You Read Me Loud And Clear?

In the Interest of Excellence in Education By Us,

Brother Zachary C. Husser, National Communications Advisor
Fathers in Education Campaign, Inc.

Note: Go to for more about Fathers in Education Campaign, Inc.

Zachary Cornell Husser is a NY/NJ Community Organizer and member of the Columbia University men’s basketball teams of 1967–70. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.