Antoine Thompson (D), candidate for the NYS Assembly 141th District and lifelong Buffalo activist dedicated to strengthening and advancing his hometown community, has announced a two-week voter registration initiative aimed at encouraging new voters between the ages of 18 and 45 .

In detailing the program, Thompson noted the need for such community-wide outreach. “There are so many young people in Buffalo not registered to vote and not involved in the all-important process of choosing their government representatives,” Thompson said. “It’s a problem that I am dedicated to fixing by organizing two weeks of voter registration events, with a goal of registering 1,000 new voters by the August 15 deadline for primary voter registration.”

Thompson will begin his voter registration marathon on Saturday August 2, at the Lucky’s Market 729 Sycamore Ave. The event will run from 3pm to 5pm and will include free food and soda, poetry readings and live music. A raffle will also be held for tickets for the Drake verse Lil Wayne Concert August 8th at Darien Lake.

“My purpose is not only to register young voters, but to engage them in an event focused on community awareness and service. I also want to encourage ex-offenders to attend these events and register, as they are often overlooked when it comes to their voting rights. Once they are off parole, they can automatically re-register to vote,” Thompson said. “Buffalo is definitely a city on the rise. To continue to move forward it’s important for all of our citizens to be involved and have a voice in the choices that will influence our city today, and in the future.”

Further details on Thompson’s two-week voter registrations will be available on Thompson’s website ( and Facebook page ( Information can also be obtained by contacting Neil Mack (716-444-2872).

Antoine Thompson is running for the 141st NYS Assembly on a platform of improved job training and employment opportunities, small business and neighborhood development, care and support of senior citizens and educational advancement.  As a former Buffalo councilman and New York State Senator, Thompson has earned the necessary government experience to serve the 141st district.  As a lifelong citizen of Buffalo, Thompson knows the challenges of his community and possesses a passion for meeting and answering those challenges.