The Erie County Sheriff’s Department under the constant misdirection of Sheriff Tim Howard doesn’t appear to have much to do with their time these days.

On monday, instead of working on getting harder and more dangerous threats off Erie County streets, The Sheriff’s department spent considerable time and resources fighting a war they will never win and in the process wasting thousands of dollars in taxpayer money tracking down a few Marijuana plants in the southtowns from their Air-1 Helicopter.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office arrested two people for separate marijuana-growing operations on Monday. Narcotic detectives and the aviation unit spotted two marijuana fields in the southtowns. The street value of the plants is between $10,000 and $15,000.

The first field was found off Langford Road in North Collins. Howard Smith III, 52, is facing charges after officials found more than 50 high-grade contraband marijuana plants, according to the sheriff’s office.

The second field was spotted on Brewer Road in Collins. Officials said 23-year-old David Kehr had nearly 40 mature marijuana plants near his residence.

Both men face felony criminal possession of marijuana and misdemeanor unlawfully growing cannabis. Each are facing charges in their respective town courts.