To our beloved Buffalo Bills fans: 

There was a bond formed between Ralph and the people of Western New York when he chose Buffalo as the forever home of the Bills in 1959. During his 55-year ownership of the team, more than 20 years of which I was thrilled to be a part of, his love for the Bills and for the City of Buffalo only grew. He stood by this city and these fans as long as he lived, and you stood by him in return. I want to thank you, Bills fans, for mirroring Ralph’s unwavering support since the day the team was founded. You fueled his passion and cemented his legacy. 

Now, so many years and memories since the team’s founding, the final Bills game under Wilson family ownership has come and gone. As fate would have it, the journey ended where the dream began, in Detroit. Not only is Detroit where Ralph grew up and his lifelong enthusiasm for football was realized, but the Bills shared the field with the Lions, owned by longtime friends in the Ford family. 

We know the future is bright in Buffalo, and the Bills are in great hands. So though in some ways this is the finale, the bond formed on day one will never come to and end. Throughout Ralph’s influence on the Buffalo community, the Western New York region, the Bills organization and the National Football League, his legacy will live on forever. 

Thank you fans! Go Bills!

Mary Wilson