I am officially entering week #4 of my 64 and More project.

To date I have enjoyed the pleasure of filming six interviews— and have endured editing three. The process has been filled with moments of progress and hours of pfffts, for lack of a better word!

Since I’ve never before filmed, professionally, there has been a learning curve in just the basics. How the light impacts the subject, how to set up a shot to make sure it’s interesting and making sure all microphones are working and that I’ve clicked the record button (yes there was that moment). At the end of the day though, it’s the editing of the videos that takes an incredible amount of time and patience.

The only editing I’d done before 64 and More was in my reports for WBFO radio. It was something I learned on the fly as I worked as a special assignment reporter in the months when WBFO and WNED became one broadcast organization. Obviously that challenge was only about audio. Adding video and a different editing program to the mix has provided me with some very long days and more than a couple of sleepless nights.

The good news is that with the help of some tech savvy friends, a lot of Youtube instructional videos and hours of trial and error I am making progress. 64 and More Vol. 3  #1  Progress and PfffftttsThere are now moments when I feel as if producing a video may someday be less painful than producing a child!

On the upside, I absolutely love interviewing people and being able to tell their stories myself, start to finish. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to do this work and I am always thrilled when people agree to be part of my 64 and More journey.

The only other challenge I’ve encountered so far is viewers. My son tells me this series is somewhat inconsequential as I have no platform—no audience. While I understand his point, I also know that in the world of social media, anything is possible.

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In the meantime, I am making plans to travel to Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin with dreams of Montana and Louisiana as well. The year already feels as if it is flying, with adventures aplenty to experience and share. Thank you for your part in this 64 and More journey.

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