I first interviewed JoAnn Falletta  in 2000, as a free lance reporter for Mark Dellas’ Traffic East Magazine.

The already-accomplished conductor was relatively new to Buffalo and to her associated
philharmonic/musical director responsibilities. That made our interview pretty much a blank slate
with few markers to guide us—until I asked about her education.

Within minutes Ms.Falletta was sharing a story from her Juilliard school days that was much more than a tale to tell. It was a fascinating  experience from one of her conducting classes that could have derailed the budding conductor from becoming one of the world’s finest maestros.

In that interview moment I came to admire JoAnn Falletta, as much for her open and honest nature as her musical passion that has ultimately propelled her career.

Tonight, as I complete the finial edits on the next installment of my 64 and More interview with JoAnn Falletta,
it is my honor to once again share her stories from Juilliard, and beyond.


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