February 28, 2016 marks the 3rd H.E.A.L. BFLO Yoga Retreat. Tickets are $60.00 and are available on our website: www.healbflo.com. The retreat includes: 5 different yoga classes with Live Music, and our Celebrity Yoga instructor DAN NEVINS will be teaching. Across the hall from the Yoga Retreat there will be a variety of local vendors on display for the public to come shop all day for free. The event is from 11am-5pm and held on the Mezzanine level of The Hyatt Regency Buffalo | 2 Fountain Plaza Buffalo, NY.

HEAL BFLO is flying in Dan Nevins from Tampa, Florida to teach YOGA at the event. Dan is a professional inspirational speaker who, for over a decade, has shared his message of leadership, perseverance, resilience and overcoming adversity with audiences around the globe. His work with the professional and business communities and enables his passion of sharing and teaching yoga to the world, with the goal of leading wounded warriors who live with the visible and invisible wounds of war to try yoga, in order to find the peace and joy that its brought to his life. Founders Of

H.E.A.L. BFLO: CHERYL SCHEFF & JOCELYN KOWALCZYK saw Dan fist on The World News and pursued on getting him to Buffaloto shine his light & share his message.

A portion from each HEAL BFLO event goes to support a local organization or group. Through the first event, efforts went to support YOGA equipment to The Women’s Lighthouse Residency Center ; A Drug Rehabilitation Center. Cheryl Scheff has organized a Yoga Class once a week for these women and it has made a huge impact in their lives. Through the second event, efforts were strongly focused on Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Jocelyn & Cheryl ‘s goal was to build a YOGA/meditation room in the new wing of Roswell. The project will be completed late spring. Through this event, the importance of giving back to veterans & solders is the focus. We are giving away 25 tickets on our website to Veterans & Solders, Allowing free access to veterans/solders involved in the Wounded Warrior Program & also donating a portion of the proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project.

We are not a non-for profit business, we are a small locally run company with a dream. We couldn’t do this without the support of our sponsorship, local business and the attendance of the community. So, giving back as ONE… HEAL BFLO can not only make a difference in this community, it can change the way we support each other and bring awareness.

Tickets for the ALL DAY YOGA RETREAT are $60.00 and are sold on our website: www.healbflo.com.

To shop all day local vendors & artists is free to the public.

Come celebrate a day of HEALTH ENERGY ART & LOVE. H.E.A.L. BFLO together we are ONE…