Quincy’s Bucket List Birthday Party

Saturday April 30, 2016
Pets Alive WNY
7007 Campbell Blvd
Pendleton, NY 14120

As animal lovers, we’ve all had our moments of sadness when our beloved pets pass away. So many times we ask ourselves – could we have done more? Did we wait too long to let them go? Was there more we could have done to make their lives better or happier? These questions burn through us at the oddest times as we never forget the ones that we lost.

Quincey came to us from an unknown past as an elderly dog with massive health issues. All we know about her past was that she was rescued from living in a wire cage without even a blanket for comfort. How long she was subjected to this living arrangement, we have no way of knowing. While the years of neglect took a toll on her overall health, we knew there were things we could do to make her twilight years more comfortable so we reached out to the community for help. People rallied behind her, even elementary school children, holding fundraisers to help pay for her medical care. Unfortunately the years of neglect made adoption very unlikely so it was decided that she would live the remainder of her life in a loving sanctuary home where she was comfortable and happy. But now we know her time on this earth is coming to an end.

So as her life enters the twilight stage, we have decided to grant her a bucket list of things to do before it is time to let her go. We hope you join us in as we complete her bucket list – not only for her, but for all the ones that we have all lost before and for those that we will lose in the future.

On Saturday, April 30th from noon – 2pm, join us at the Pets Alive WNY adoption center, 7007 Campbell Blvd in Pendleton to celebrate Quincey’s birthday. Refreshments will be served, a small basket raffle will be available and Quincey asks that in lieu of gifts, donations be brought to the shelter in her honor. Below is a list of items the shelter can always use to help the dogs & cats in our care and as always, monetary donations are always accepted:

Dishwashing liquid
Laundry Detergent (High Efficiency)
45 gallon heavy duty trash bags
Taste of the Wild dry dog food
Taste of the Wild wet dog food
Friskies Pate wet cat food
Tidy Cat clay cat litter
Tidy Cat scoopable cat litter

Stephanie Stamoolis Board of Directors Pets Alive WNY
7007 Campbell Blvd
Pendleton, NY 14120
[email protected]