FLASHBACK 2006: Flipped Documentary Premiered 10 Years Ago Today

I can’t believe its been exactly 10 years since we premiered our documentary “Flipped: The negative sides of Property Flipping” to two sold out crowds on Buffalo’s East Side.

In Buffalo, we have seen how the destructive impact of property flipping can lead to foreclosure and abandonment of properties and eventually neighborhood decline. The impact that these destructive real estate sales practices have on neighborhoods is no different than the devastating effects of illegal drug activity and other crimes. Houses are often left abandoned and contribute to community blight.

A lot has changed since the premiere of this documentary WNYmedia put together with the help of East side activist Michele Johnson.

Over the years, the documentary lead directly to the formation of Buffalo’s Anti flipping task force. Soon after this documentary premiered, Albany implemented stronger housing rules to help cities like Buffalo deal with negative property flippers, and new rules also made it more difficult to sell and buy property quickly on sites like Ebay.

While alot of the problems addressed in this documentary have changed, Some of the problems have found their way into the inner ring suburbs over the past decade.

Zombie properties are still a major problem here in many WNY communities and the vacant housing situation in certain east side Buffalo neighborhoods is still relatively highly comparison.

Every now and again we still hear about people who are getting screwed out of life fortunes due to shady property deals in Western New York.

You can watch the entire documentary (see above).

I still can’t believe its been 10 years since we premiered this important film that to this day stands the test of time.