Last week 64 and More officially became an international project as I journeyed to The Emerald Isle.

In December, when I began this year-long project, I never imagined I would cross the ocean to the homeland of my ancestors in search of 64 and More interviews. It was only after encouragement and a gracious housing invitation from my friend/poet/artist, Rosaleen Crowley, that I began to consider the possibilities. From there it was a short leap to Aer Lingus and four grand interviews.

From rolickling Dublin to the sacred grounds of Glendalough, from the  seaside traditions of Kinvarra to the powerful beauty of the Cliffs of Moher, from the historic harbor of Cobh to the colorful palate of Kinsale, Ireland and her people captured my heart and reminded me of the many threads of my heritage that bind us together.

Beginning tomorrow and through the next month, you will meet a husband and wife living their version of Downton Abbey in their two hundred year old country manor home, a musician/craftsman world-renown for his dedication to Irish music, a poet/artist whose life experience divides between Ireland and America and a teenage girl working to change the world.

It is my hope that each one of these 64 and More Interviews will be as enjoyable in the watching as they were in the creating.