As an elected official you are responsible to be accessible to the people who put you into office. But not if you are Rep. Chris Collins.

Constituents of Collins have long been asking for some type of public forum, a town hall style meeting, etc… to discuss concerns and other issues within his district.  A fair request from the people who put you into office…

But Collins told Channel 2 over the weekend….”never gonna happen”…

“Because what you get are demonstrators who come and shout you down and heckle you,” Collins said. “They are not what you hope they would be, which is a give and take from people actually interested in getting some facts.”

IDK…Maybe if Rep. Collins wasn’t so thin skinned and actually doing a good job as a Congressman, people wouldn’t be so quick to heckle him? Just a thought.

Other local representatives (both Democrats and Republicans) often provide access to the people who put them in office including Rep. Brian Higgins, who regularly hosts ‘Congress on your Corner’ events throughout his district.

Republican representative Tom Reed also hosts regular events throughout the district to allow voters to ask questions and learn more about certain issues.

So the question remains, what is Chris Collins so afraid of?