Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) released the following statement after learning that the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) was pulled from consideration in the House of Representatives:

“Since the introduction of the Republican healthcare bill, less than three short weeks ago, people across our district and the country have expressed deep concern for the legislation which was better suited to protect wealthy insurance companies’ profit margins than hard-working Americans. 

“Today’s defeat of this disastrous legislation, which would have cost both in-terms higher premiums and less coverage, is a victory for children, families, individuals with disabilities and older Americans, but the fight to protect and enhance affordable care continues.

“We always said the Affordable Care Act was a start, not a finish.  House Republicans have had seven years to add constructive alternatives to make the Affordable Health Care Act work better.  This bill didn’t come close.  It was rejected by the American people and Congress and we are all better off.”



Higgins, a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Budget Committee, spoke on the House Floor in opposition to the bill earlier today.