Brian Higgins stood up for the East Side and the Central Terminal in the Buffalo News yesterday.

From the Buffalo News:

Buffalo is about to make a “big, big mistake” by recommending a new rail station for Canalside, Rep. Brian Higgins said Monday, promising to continue his advocacy for a revitalized Central Terminal.

With all the heavy development and investment seen around other parts of Buffalo over the last decade, the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood continues to hang on. The last few years have seen a new energy in the neighborhood. The energy coming from its residents, immigrants, cultural institutions, businesses and other organizations. What the neighborhood needs now is a game changer.

The Buffalo Central Terminal has endured since the last trains pulled out of the station in 1979. Through the incredible work of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation and its army of volunteers and supporters, the building and complex went from almost being lost to being open to the public again. The terminal has sat as other architectural wonders around the city have been redeveloped and restored.

With recent interest from Canadian developer Harry Stinson and his plans for the Central Terminal complex, adding a train station to the mix could be the one-two punch in making redevelopment a reality. It would also help bolster existing neighborhood treasures like the Broadway Market, its treasure Eastern European style churches along with other new development going on in Broadway-Fillmore.

More from Brain Higgins:

“To lose the opportunity to revitalize an area that’s been dead economically for so long as it has been would be a travesty,” he said, adding he rejects any idea that suburban rail travelers will shun the city location.

“Just because it’s inactive does not mean its’s unsafe,” he said.

Higgins also introduced the concept of moving the NFTA’s downtown bus station to a rehabilitated Central Terminal, freeing the Metropolitan Transportation Center for other purposes.

The time is now for local and state officials to get on board in selecting the Central Terminal as the location for the new Amtrak Station in Buffalo. This is an opportunity that won’t come around again anytime soon. Make it happen.

There is a public meeting about the new Buffalo Train Station on Tuesday, March 21st from 5:00 to 7:00pm at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Parsons Brinckerhoff has created the agenda:

First 30 minutes or so:
· Introduction by the Mayor
· Process Review by Bob Shibley
· Presentation by consultant team (similar to the Stakeholder Committee presentation)
Remaining 90 minutes or so:
· Opportunity for public to visit stations and ask questions/provide comments.

The presentation will be set up for the public to review each of the locations that have been previously discussed.

Please attend if you would like to have an opportunity to see the performance metrics that were presented to the committee last week.