Buffalo is in the midst of a major turning-point in its long, storied history. For anyone that’s been paying attention to the tale of the city over the past decade, they’ll see a refreshed and revitalized waterfront, beauties of our architectural fabric reused and repurposed for the modern age, and a food and drink scene that’s exploding with new flavor – among many other factors breathing new life into the region.

It’s no surprise that a neighboring “Rust Belt” city, penning their own similar narrative, is starting to take notice. Eric Sandy of the Cleveland Scene, Cleveland’s most popular alt-publication, recently made the trip up to the Queen City to see what all the fuss was about. In his piece for the Scene, it appears that Sandy did not leave disappointed.

Photo by Christopher Behrend

Titled 48 Hours in Buffalo: The Clevelander’s Guide to Visiting Our Great Lakes Friend, Sandy writes, “The recurring theme in Buffalo is a by-the-bootstraps makeover. The city’s renowned and iconic turn-of-the-century architectural grandeur welcomed decades of prosperity; Buffalo became a hub of technology, local and national Democratic politics and even international commerce. This century, the city’s residents (including a growing number of those “boomerangers” that Cleveland has seen) are turning old buildings and forgotten neighborhoods into unexpected gems supporting a growing dining scene and a diverse array of entertainment options.”

Sandy writes at great length about his time in Buffalo, from exploring the staples of our arts and historical sites, touring the architectural landscape that makes Buffalo truly unique, chowing down on the food that defines our destination while still getting a taste of all that’s new, and diving deep into local culture.

You can read the entire Cleveland Scene article here. And you can map out your 48 hour (or more) adventure to Buffalo by starting here.

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