The Other Shoe Drops: FBI Raids Grassroots Political Club

The FBI, the New York State Police, Internal Revenue Service and the New York State Attorney General’s Office raided the offices of the Grassroots Political club this afternoon in downtown Buffalo.

The Buffalo News: 

Shortly after 2 p.m., a team of federal agents, some of whom were assigned to the “FBI evidence response team” according to their garb, emerged with boxes and computers from the offices of the Urban Chamber on the first floor at 1325 Main. After the agents pulled away, a person inside the offices rebuffed The News’ attempts to learn what the agents were seeking.

Sources are telling WNYmedia Network that the investigation involves long time relationship between embattled political operative Steve Pigeon, Grassroots founder Maurice Garner, Former Deputy Mayor Steve Casey and irregularities involving the 2013 Mayoral campaign of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

Garner has been known to have confided to associates in 2015 that he might by the focus of an FBI investigation.

Pigeon now faces state and federal charges for bribery and election law violations.

More info when it becomes available