BFA reached out Stephen Karnath (SK) the Executive Director of Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood Housing Services (BFNHS) to get updates on redevelopment projects his organization took on for two historic properties on Fillmore.

595 Fillmore was saved from the wrecking ball after BFNHS stepped in to save the building. To further complicate the save, the front portion of the former Jankowski Cigar Shop was hit by a devastating fire in 2015, The front had to be demolished, but a back brick and wood portion of the building was saved. It will be incorporated into a new building which will resemble the old building.

806 Fillmore was also saved from the wrecking ball by BFNHS in 2015. This building was the home of Dr. Francis E. Fronczak. He was a prominent Buffalonian during the early 1900s. The home has rich history.

Here are the updates…

How is work progressing on 595 Fillmore?

SK: We have spent $124,000 to date. Property is stabilized. We were not funded in our December application for state funds.   We submitted an application for $1,500,000 to the state on May 24th. It includes the proposed 6 units at 595 Fillmore and 3 additional units at 591 Fillmore, the adjacent house owned by Richard Ziolo. We signed a contract of sale for 591 that is contingent on the funding.

What is expected completion date for the project?

SK: If we get funded, we will work toward a December 2018 completion date.

How is work progressing on 806 Fillmore?

SK: We have spent $150,000 to date on the project. Stabilization, asbestos abatement, and roof replacement is complete. We have retained the historic floorplan. We are getting prices for removing the asphalt siding and repairing the clapboard. We have set aside $10,000 and we have submitted an application to Councilmember Franczyk for another $10,000 for this work. Our application for Better Buffalo Funds for the project was not funded, but when the third round is announced, we will resubmit.

What is expected completion date for the project?

SK: Unfortunately, there is no formal projected completion date for the project. I would like to have the exterior work (including some window replacement) done by this fall. Completion will depend on funding. I think we will likely need another $300,000 to complete the project.

It’s great that both 595 and 806 Fillmore will see new life in the coming years instead of being lost forever. Thanks, Stephen Karnath for the updates!

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