Michelle Schoeneman, candidate for the Erie County Legislature’s 10thDistrict, called for an increase in County funding for primetime summer youth programs while flanked by fellow Democratic Legislature candidates April Baskin and Mike Quinn in front of Old County Hall.The County funds 65 different organizations with just $500,000. Schoeneman believes many more youth are underserved and in need of healthy summer opportunities.  Rather than a $10,000 max, Schoeneman is advocating for a $15,000 maximum grant to each agency and for more total funding so additional agencies can provide summer services.

“As a teacher for over 16 years I know how crucial the summer months can be for the growth of children of all ages and the important role youth programs play in that growth. The Summer Primetime program helps reinforce and expand skills students learn during the school year while cultivating new skills through the unique experiences that youth programs provide. As a working mother I also know the importance of having a safe place for children to go during the summer months where they can continue to develop while gaining life long memories. Properly funding these organizations and programs like the Boys and Girls Clubs of East Aurora, Eden, Elma and Holland and the many places of worship that provide summer programs is a down payment on the future of our community,” said the upstart grassroots candidate who has earned endorsements from the Democratic and Working Families parties.

In addition to calling for increased funding for existing youth programs and organizations, Schoeneman called for the creation of a Boys and Girls Club in West Seneca, a glaring hole in the youth organization network in the 10th District.

“As I’ve gone door to door the past couple of months in West Seneca, parents have consistently expressed the need for a Boys and Girls Club,” said the 10th District candidate. “It is a huge disservice to the families of the 10th District that the largest population center in the District does not have a Boys and Girls Club for children to attend. If elected, I will work with County and West Seneca officials to establish a Boys and Girls Club in the town to ensure we are giving the youth of West Seneca a place to help grow into young adults,” said Schoeneman.


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