Youth for Human Rights International Buffalo Chapter held an Open House and Jazz concert to celebrate the International Day of Peace with local peace groups and community leaders hosted at the Church of Scientology Buffalo.

In honor of International Peace Day, on September 21st peace groups gathered at the Church of Scientology Buffalo for a special briefing from the Chapter’s Director, Isabelle Vladoiu, who attended the 14th International Human Rights Summit at the United Nations as a USA Youth Ambassador.

This event brought together several members of different peace groups in Buffalo, NY to celebrate the day: Buffalo Special Police, Buffalo Peacemakers, Lifesavers, Stop the Violence Coalition, SNUG (Should Never Use Guns), Back To Basics Ministry Outreach and The Witness Project members were in attendance. The event also brought together people from a diversity of cultures and ethnicities.

Ms. Vladoiu presented to the participants attending the same slideshow that was shown during her speech at the United Nations. The speech she was requested to give presented Buffalo’s Youth for Human Rights Chapter and its partnership with these community peace organizations as an international model for the worldwide dissemination of human rights. Contained in the slideshow were photos of the dozens community outreach events that these individuals and organizations participated in the past year. Ms. Vladoiu concluded with the fact that the Buffalo Chapter of Youth for Human Rights is looking to expand the program and she encouraged the youth attending to participate as delegates from Buffalo at next year’s summit at the United Nations.

The event was included on a world peace map that displayed all of the events that took place on the occasion of International Day of Peace throughout the world at

Pastor Giles of Back To Basics Ministry Outreach then requested to speak and address the youth from his program that were in attendance about the importance of knowing ones human rights and then standing up for them, and gave the example of Nobel Peace Prize Recipient , Malala Yousafzai.

After the presentation all guests went outside for a group picture and each guest chose a poster depicting one of the 30 human rights, took a photo holding it and post it on social media under the hashtag #joinTogether which was the official hashtag the UN set for this year’s Peace Day theme. The exercise not only was appreciated by the guests, who all did pictures with the posters, but it also created a movement online, which enabled the whole world to see what is happening in Buffalo.

The event continued then with a magnificent jazz concert. All guests were invited to the 5th floor of the Church to enjoy a 3 hour concert with well known and renowned performers: Janice Mitchell- Buffalo NY Vocalist who did 5 world Tours as a Raylette with Ray Charles as well as was a backup vocalist for Stevie Wonder; Jim Beishline – recognized for his superb style exhibited in his fine arrangements and piano performances, awarded the Top Jazz Group by Buffalo Music Awards 2000; Sal Andolina- a star of the Buffalo Philharmonic (bass clarinet and Saxophone) that has been featured on at least 15 studio recordings, including his prized CD: “Like Benny to Me,” a tribute to Benny Goodman.

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Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, an educator born and raised in apartheid South Africa, where she witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of discrimination and the lack of basic human rights.

The purpose of YHRI is to teach youth about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and inspire them to become advocates for tolerance and peace. YHRI has now grown into a global movement, including hundreds of groups, clubs and chapters around the world. One such chapter is in Buffalo, NY, working to educate people across the Western NY area on their basic rights.