Former Buffalo Bills Stadium worker Erich Nikischer is no hero. He has a long history of Fighting Against the 1st Amendment

Long before Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players took a knee during the National anthem at an NFL Football game, Buffalo has had it’s own silent protestor fighting police corruption and injustice for the last decade.

You’ve seen him. His name is Ron. Whether you agree with him or not, Ron has tirelessly spent the better half of the last decade protesting police corruption by wearing his black and white “Stop Police Corruption” t-shirt around Buffalo and filming instances of potential Police Corruption.

Some mornings Ron can be seen standing above the 33 (rt.33) in silent protest, in front of Buffalo City Court, or at various events around town with a simple T-shirt that says “Stop Police Corruption”.

When this BS article about a Buffalo Bills Stadium worker  leaving his job after 30 years went viral yesterday, Ron’s red flag immediately went up. It all seemed a little short fused and contrived.

When NYS Court Officer and Former New Era Field worker Erich Nikischer walked out of New Era Field by his own admission on Sunday after the National Anthem, it’s not the first time he has had a problem with people exercising their first amendment right to Freedom of Speech.

Erich Nikischer is a NYS Court officer that doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment that he had me arrested twice for standing on a public sidewalk in front of city court. Both cases were dismissed.
He is so bothered by my STOP POLICE CORRUPTION T shirt that he had t shirts made up that says, STOP RON (my last name) and wears it on his lunch break at City Court and has other officers wearing them.
So bothered by the Anthem protest but he protests me on his break at work.

Nikischer has arrested Ron on two separate occasions for standing out in front of Buffalo City Court over the years. Both cases were immediately dismissed.

Recently, Nikischer went so far to make his own “Stop Ron (his last name)” t-shirts and distributed them to fellow court officers who wear them during their lunch breaks:

This is New York State court officer Erich, working security today at Pilot field.
He doesn’t like my activism when I was standing out in front of city court, in which he had me arrested twice in years past. Both cases were dismissed. Funny how he tried to encourage people to be complainants. One woman wanted to make a deal and was willing to sell me out, “Can you do something about my theft of cable charge ? ” she says.
Mr. Erich also had T shirts made up with my full name on them. Saying on them, “STOP RON (my last name)”. Well if someone asks who that is, he just promotes the cause. A few other court officers have the T shirt.


So if the right is looking for a hero, this guy isn’t it. He’s nothing but a dangerous short fused man with a badge who has a history of problems with the 1st amendment and people who choose to exercise it.

“I believe people have the right to protest; I just don’t believe that’s the proper venue for it.”

– Erich Nikischer

But only if it’s Officer Nikischer approved… So proceed with caution