The Alt-Right community has been up in arms for days regarding this picture (below) that surfaced on twitter  from a #FireHoward protest in front of a local Alt-Right Mexican restaurant (I know… but let’s talk about that hypocrisy another time…focus…).

Our friend Alan Bedenko at the Daily Public addressed the faux outrage over the letter F:

The sign speaks for itself, but let’s examine it anyway. It reads, “F Racism Im going to Lloyds” [sic]. The parents know that “Lloyd” is singular, but didn’t have the apostrophes needed to render the sign’s punctuation correct. When I first saw it, I thought the sign was hilarious, in part because a kid was holding it. It’s a great protest sign — not too rhetorically heavy, and all-American with its sanitized “f” word, a great anti-racism sentiment, and recognition of the patent choices that consumer capitalism grants us to choose where and how to spend our money. 
You don’t have to agree with the sign, or where it was being used to picket, but there is literally nothing wrong with the sentiment “f racism”.

Oh, the hand-wringing over this has been so epic, you’d have thought this was satan himself. 

Much like everything the Alt-Right is opposed to, you don’t have to dig deep to find the hypocrisy of this completely faked outrage orchestrated by an Alt-Right wing nut and his uh…lovely(??) wife…

Hates gays. Only plays one at Halloween

A few months back we introduced you to Nick Orticilli after he tried making headlines heckling Gov. Cuomo at UB. 

Here’s some video of him earlier this week harassing people at a #FireHoward event:

When we first met this local treasure trove of alt-right hate, Orticeilli and his wife were trying to make a name for themselves by spreading lies and hate against Buffalo School Board members. They even went so far as to call and harass them via text and phone messages.

He’s a also a big supporter of fellow racist and bigot, (soon to be former) NYS Assemblyman David DiPietro.

Insignificant to the matter on hand… We just wanted to use this picture


Since Monday, Nick and his right wing friends have been all over social media claiming how outraged they are that the “left” would bring children to a political rally:

According to Alt-Right philosophy, It’s absolutely atrocious for children to hold protest signs at a rally. However, In true hypocritical form, it’s perfectly fine for the Orticelli’s to bring their own children to a hate rally in Niagara Square:

Or a rally introducing their youngest boy to ‘Sexual Predators’

How about an Anti Abortion rally?

We wish you could see the look on these poor kids faces, but we decided to block them out because, well you know, it’s not their fault who their parents are:

Still too mild for you?  Ok then.. how about kids holding an anti-abortion sign featuring dead fetuses? We thought that would do the trick…

We think it’s about time Mr. Orticelli and his wife go back to whatever hole they crawled out of after President Trump took office.

If not for the good of society, at least consider doing it for your own children: