Here is how low alt-right cross burning supporters of Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard will stoop to try and silence his opponents:

We’ll let Bernie pick up the story from there:

“Today, my morning started with a phone call that was disturbing. A friend called to tell me about an Erie County resident —a Vietnam Vet–who recently put one of my campaign signs on his lawn, only to go outside this morning to find that it had been burned.
To be honest it took a bit to process that fact, as visuals of a Tolbert for Sheriff Lawn Sign going up in flames ran through my mind. 
Why would someone do such a thing? 
While I came up with a lot of answers, the bottom line was that this man who gave of his life to defend our nation had more than earned the right to put signs on his front lawn. So rather than focus on the negative, I decided to take positive action. I contacted the man, set a time this afternoon to meet and brought him a new sign, which he proceeded to place in the center of his lawn.
It is my deepest hope that this is the only campaign stop like this that I will ever have to make.”

Everyone should pick up a lawn sign to show solidarity and support for Bernie!

Sign up for a lawn sign at his website  A window will pop up on the top after a few seconds. Just fill out the form and someone will drop one off to you soon according to campaign officials.