New information came to us yesterday in a deposition involving an ongoing 8 year Sexual Harassment lawsuit against Sheriff Tim B. Howard and the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.

The 2014 deposition includes the sworn testimony of Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard who admitted under oath that after 12 years in office, that he still does not have, nor ever did apparently, have the management experience necessary to run an effective Erie County Jail system.

What’s more shocking is Howard’s inability to answer simple questions about the chain of command in the department and for what job people are responsible.   It’s clear from his testimony that he is not the one running the roost at the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.

Keep in mind this testimony was asked under oath to a series of questions about Jail management and the direct chain of command in the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.

What shouldn’t come as too much of a shock is how little time the Sheriff admits he actually spends in his own jails. Evident by the 22 deaths that have happened behind those doors:

Some additional information also came to our attention involving specific employees who are named in that ongoing lawsuit who were never reprimanded for their despicable and callous actions involving a former employee in the Holding Center.  In fact Under Sheriff Howard, these two were actually PROMOTED!!

According to records, One deputy has since been promoted to First Deputy Superintendent working with medical and Forensic mental health and another (responsible for placing the rat in the plaintiff’s driveway) has since been promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the Jail Management Division.

At just about every turn, Sheriff Howard disqualifies himself to hold the esteemed office of Sheriff in Erie County.

It’s time for a change in the Erie County Sheriff’s Office.  #FireHoward