Voter turnout in Erie County in 2017 set records for an off- year election. Yet the final tallies are not reflecting that large turnout, with stories continuing to come in of voting machine failures and snafus still being reported days after the election.

Since the launch of #CountEveryVote we have been alerted to more than a 1/2 dozen irregularities from Lancaster to Tonawanda and Buffalo’s West side.   Everything from broken jammed machines to improperly handled ballots pushed through without being properly tallied.

Just yesterday, the Erie County Board of Elections quietly adjusted the count total on the BOE website in the Erie County Sheriff’s race giving Bernie Tolbert 500 more votes. 

We are being told that those votes came from a small number districts on the East side of Buffalo.  That means there are 833 more voting districts where votes may or may not have been properly counted.

Erie County voters need to be assured that their votes are being properly counted!

Tell us your voting irregularity story by filling out this form:

We are simply asking Erie County voters if they experienced anything out of the ordinary on Election day.

Did you experience problems voting on November 7th?

Poll workers did you witness voting irregularities that seemed to have gone unsolved?

Tell us your voting irregularity story by filling out this form:

The goal of this effort is to present a verifiable report of Erie County’s election system, so you must share your name and email to submit your story. Your information will be used only in presenting the facts of this issue.

All verified stories of voting problems on Election Day 2017 will be presented to the Erie County Board of Elections for their consideration and review.

The final statistics will also be shared on WNYMedia in a special report on the issue.