Congressional candidate Nate McMurray recently approached Congressman Chris Collins at a private event, and it was all caught on camera. After repeated requests made to Collins proposing a public debate, McMurray had the chance to ask the Congressman personally why he won’t face him or his constituents in a community setting.

McMurray says, “He told me he didn’t have to debate me. I believe he sees himself as too big and too important to face the public. He said he had name recognition and that I don’t and that he wasn’t going to lower himself to stand on stage with me. Problem is, he knew exactly who I was when I approached him, so if I don’t have name recognition, I sure seem to have face recognition. “

McMurray says he will continue to pressure Collins for public transparency and accountability on his record and lack thereof. His Twitter account surpassed 1,000 followers after the release of the video, which has reached nearly 5,000 views so far.