Cynthia Nixon made her first trip to Buffalo Wednesday as a candidate for New York Governor.

Nixon used her first Western New York visit to outline how she plans to call for more spending on education, infrastructure and anti-pollution programs that she claims will stimulate the economy.

She said every $1 billion invested in transportation produces 25,000 new jobs (though she did not specifically identify the $1.2 billion Metro Rail extension proposed by Cuomo). She cited Lake Erie as “Buffalo’s most important resource,” noting the region can only reap its benefits “as long as it’s clean.”

Nixon also complained that Cuomo’s policies have “decimated towns and cities” as well as school districts. Indeed, education funding has emerged as central to her platform, and she pointed to the need for more resources even when asked a question about high taxes.

“One of the things that will be my priority will be to make sure that schools are fully funded and equitably funded,” she said.

Her visit included stops at Betty’s, Spot Coffee and the Anchor Bar as well as a morning economic roundtable that was suddenly moved at the last moment to Babeville:

This is the full video of her remarks to the media.