Steve Pigeon’s Political operative Kristy Mazurek, who was recently indicted on Felony election law violations along with her former boss (Pigeon), went on Infowars this afternoon claiming she was a victim of retaliation by now-former NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Mazurek is facing serious legal issues stemming from an illegal 2013 Political PAC called the WNY Progressive Caucus (A.K.A “Awful PAC”) first exposed here on

According to the felony complaint filed in court today, Pigeon, Mazurek, and Pfaff are alleged to have knowingly and willfully engaged in illegal campaign coordination while acting on behalf of the Western New York Progressive Caucus (“WNYPC”), an “unauthorized political committee,” in regard to the nomination for election of three political candidates in the September 10, 2013 Democratic primary.

Mazurek is now claiming the charges are direct retaliation stemming from the 2013 exposure of Former NYS Assemblyman Dennis H. Gabryszak for his pre “me too” moment.

She also takes credit for the “me too” movement:

“I feel for every single woman who have come forward in the “me too” movement with all due respect based on the timeline, It was “me first”.  Mazurek stated.

“I came out and spoke about what was going on in the NYS Legislature in 2013.”

Remember the bathroom video? “Birds of a feather flock together” claimed Mazurek.

No Coincidences

Stone went on to threaten Former US Attorney Preet Bharara, who has already been mentioned as the top runner to replace Schneiderman.  Stone claims he has evidence that:

“Bharara willingly leaked Grand Jury testimony in the ‘William Walters’ case, in violation of the law that should cost Bharara his position in the New York Bar.”

“If Mr. Bahara is indeed under consideration, we have another lawbreaker here.”

In Stone’s attempt to come full circle, Stone makes it a point to say:

“Bharara used are the tactics Robert Mueller and James Comey are attempting to use on Donald Trump.”

Bharara was the US Attorney who signed off on the FBI raids on Mazurek’s boss Steve Pigeon, Former Deputy Mayor Steve Casey, and Former Chief of staff to Rep. Chris Collins, Christopher Grant.  The raids eventually brought an end to years of local corruption and is still ongoing in court.  I believe the case against Pigeon and Mazurek are set for trial in July.

Coincidence? Probably not. 

On a side note, Stone also criticized the Buffalo News” for “covering up the Gabryszak story”:

“none worse than the Buffalo News, none worse than the hometown paper where Gabryszak has never been fully exposed” Stone Said.


Throughout the 15 minute interview (see video above), Stone refers to Mazurek numerous times as a “victim”.

Let’s get a few things straight.

Kristy Mazurek is no victim.

Despite whatever claims Mazurek has against Eric Schneiderman, her work on the 2013 campaigns stemming from the “AWFUL PAC” was sloppy and completely illegal. She should be found guilty and in no way should any of what happened in 2013 get mixed up in to anything regarding the personal life of a disgraced NYS Attorney General.

Funny how she shows up with none other than Michael Caputo’s partner and mentor Roger Stone. Caputo and Mazurek were co host’s on the half-baked WGRZ-TV political show they both used to advance their careers as political consultants. The show was quickly pulled off the air after WNYmedia exposed Mazurek as being behind a series of sleazy political mailings while working as an employee of WGRZ-TV

Coincidence? Probably not. 

BTW… That 2013 political cycle was fucking nuts!

We are NOT DEFENDING Eric Schneiderman IN ANY WAY, but at one point, Mazurek and Stone made it sound like they have been working on Schneiderman’s political assassination for some time:

“I thank you for your continued support. You have been with me for the past FIVE YEARS from the beginning of this nightmare”

Both in the crosshairs of the same guy who was working to put them behind bars, what kind of ‘support’ could these two shady political operatives possibly offer each other over the last five years?

It’s certainly wasn’t moral support.

Remember is Roger Stone. Nothing is a coincidence.