Caputo's Lies Raise More Questions Than Answers

STONE’S RULE: “Nothing is on the level.” 

Micheal Caputo’s 2 1/2 year case of amnesia came to an abrupt end:

Caputo admitted that he initiated a meeting between a Russian named Henry Greenberg and Caputo’s longtime mentor Roger Stone at a restaurant in a notorious part of Miami known as “Little Moscow” back in May of 2016.

STONE’S RULE: “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.”

Instead of taking responsibility, Caputo and Stone now claim Mr. Greenberg might have been part of an FBI sting operation. It’s complete and utter bullshit, a smoke screen and plays directly into the Stone/Caputo playbook.

In their attempted defense, they released a very watered down “dossier” with zero evidence claiming Greenberg was actually working for the FBI at the time he sought out Caputo at an Art Gallery opening in Miami back in 2016.

Since the events unfolded, more questions have been raised than answered as to what these two actually knew and when.


This tweet thread sheds some light on the relationship between Petrushin, Caputo and their close connections with Bratva:

In May 2016, why would a Russian from South Florida want to contact someone whose official title with the Trump campaign was Director of Communications for NewYork?

Before Caputo’s overly dramatic “departure” from the Trump campaign in June of 2016, Caputo wasn’t a regular on network news like he is today. A quick archives search shows only one article prior to May 2016 that even mentions Caputo’s work with the Trump campaign. So why would this guy randomly select to seek out Caputo without knowing his past? 

WHY DOES CAPUTO SHARE THE SAME MAILING ADDRESS WITH HENRY GREENBERG? 6 days before this latest bombshell broke, Caputo officially changed his Maimi business address from a mailing address he had used since 2003. The address, tied to a postal pack and ship store widely known to be the mailing address of many Russian related shell companies. It was also the mailing address for a company called Longmore LLC, owned by registered by Henry Greenberg in late April of 2016: On June 11th, Caputo officially changed his mailing address with the State of Florida: A look at who is connected to this pack and ship store could explain the abrupt address change: WHY DOES HENRY GREENBERG’S ATTORNEY HAPPEN TO BE CAPUTO’S BUSINESS PARTNER IN ZEPPCOMM? According to this Miami Herald article, Greenberg claimed in front of the City’s Zoning and Planning board that his lawyer was Kendall Coffey.
Gibbs said that later, when he represented neighbors opposed to Greenberg’s restaurant, the businessman, who spoke with a “very thick Russian accent,” also fell through with pledges and commitments. Then, when they appeared before the city’s Planning Zoning and Appeals Board, Greenberg announced that his attorney — he claimed it was Kendall Coffey, the former U.S. attorney for South Florida now in private practice — was unavailable. And then he just walked out of the room.
Coffey, a Donald Trump attorney, is also representing Roger Stone and Corey Lewandowski: Coffey is tied very closely with the Russian Community in South Florida and was even hosted a panel discussion and a Miss Universe event with the assistance of Michael Caputo. Caputo and Coffey are also Business partners in Zeppcomm   WHY ALL THE SCRUBBING? Caputo’s been doing so much scrubbing lately that his arms are getting tired.
  • Caputo quickly deleted his entire Twitter account just days before Michael Cohen was raided by NYS authorities in the Southern District of New York
  • Caputo changed his official business address to further himself from Henry Greenberg
Remember This is Caputo and Stone…There are no CoincidencesStay tuned…]]>