Community leaders today once again objected to the ongoing effort by the Republican Party to salvage its seat in the 27th Congressional District by foisting disgraced Representative Chris Collins on the town of Eden.

Republicans have openly discussed the possibility of forcing an elected official in Clarence to resign in order for Collins to run for that position, thus removing him from the ballot in the 27th. Residents of Clarence gathered in protest against that scheme on Thursday night.

As reported in the Buffalo News today, there are also two unexpected vacancies in the Town of Eden, those being Town Clerk and Town Assessor.

“We look forward to the litigation of the Republican candidates, participating in a fraudulent attempt to circumvent the laws of the State of New York,” said former Eden Town Councilmember Ed Krycia.

“Eden is not a dumping ground for Republicans who are unfit to run for office and mired in scandal. It’s the height of arrogance to assume that an entire town government is theirs to manipulate and control in this manner. The people of Eden deserve much, much better,” Krycia continued.

“More importantly, it will be interesting receiving a sworn affidavit, under oath, from Chris Collins, and his sworn testimony, in court, about his intent to move to the Town of Eden to become the Assessor or Town Clerk. And we’re sure his criminal attorneys will be thrilled with his testimony, as well,” said former Eden Town Councilmember Fran McLaughlin. “When you hold a public office the honor is yours, the privilege is yours, not the other way around.”

“I’m campaigning for Eden Town Clerk because I love this community and believe in serving my neighbors. I don’t know what motivates Chris Collins for the GOP machine, but the interests of this town and its taxpayers clearly aren’t high on the list,” said Eden Town Clerk candidate Debra Popple. “This is outrageous and we will not stand for it.”

Collins was arrested earlier this month on charges of insider trading and lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in relation to the case pending against him.