When the voters of Erie County gave Democrats the majority last year, they expected us to move this region forward and put their interests ahead of party and self-interest.
Kevin Hardwick believes in those same principles, as he proved when he refused to go along with a reckless partisan attempt to derail the County Executive’s budget or take contributions from Tonawanda Coke as so many others in the GOP did. He is also committed to fighting for the working families of Western New York and has the support of the AFL-CIO and the Working Families Party.
In the Trump era of extreme partisanship, people are tired of petty politics and do-nothing government, which is why Democrats have retaken the House of Representatives and fewer people are identifying as Republicans. It is important to maintain our majority in the Erie County Legislature so we may continue on the path of fiscal responsibility, economic growth, and greater opportunity for everyone in our community.
Our Caucus and our party are open to new ideas, and while we may not always agree, we know Kevin will be an outstanding addition to our side of the aisle because he shares our belief in governing responsibly and for the benefit of the people who put us here.