On Dec. 26, the Common Council voted unanimously to approve parking changes in the Central Business District.

The changes included ending free parking on weeknights and Saturdays, raising metered fees to up to $2 an hour and adding several hundred street parking spots.

Sign the Petition to stop the Parking Increase

The intention of the petition is to force downtown workers to park in expensive, privately owned lots and ramps, with the idea that more consumers would be able to find street parking during the day.

This not only forces everyone parking in the city to pay astronomical rates simply to be at work, but it also is a huge matter of public safety and discourages economic growth of the businesses downtown.

What to do:

SHOW UP: The common council has agreed to hear the public on this issue on Jan. 15th at 10am in Council chambers. Let them know you aren’t a fan of this quick money grab

Contact your City Councilman:

Darius G. Pridgen

mailto:dpridgen@city-buffalo.com (716) 851 – 4980

David A. Rivera

mailto:darivera@city-buffalo.com (716) 851 – 5125

Christopher P. Scanlon

mailto:cscanlon@city-buffalo.com (716) 851 – 5169

Joel P. Feroleto

mailto:jferoleto@city-buffalo.com (716) 851 – 5155

Richard A. Fontana

mailto:rfontana@city-buffalo.com (716) 851 – 5151

David A. Franczyk

mailto:dfranczyk@city-buffalo.com (716) 851 – 4138

Joseph Golombek, Jr.

mailto:jgolombek@city-buffalo.com (716) 851 – 5116

Ulysees O. Wingo, Sr.

mailto:uwingo@city-buffalo.com (716) 851 – 5145

Rasheed N.C. Wyatt

mailto:rwyatt@city-buffalo.com (716) 851 – 5165