VIDEO: Disgusting Display of Racism at Cheektowaga Warriors Hockey Game

As someone who played youth and high school hockey with and against African-American friends,  this is absolutely disgusting behavior from the Cheektowaga Warriors.

Certain members of the Cheektowaga Warriors Hockey team taunt a black player on the Amherst Knights with monkey sounds.

In all fairness, I head “fuck you pussies” and not monkey towards the end of the video, as the person recording the incident heard Monkey. Regardless, its unacceptable behavior.

To allow kids to behave like that is absolutely despicable.  They should all be banned from the organization immediately!

Where the hell were the coaches?  Why did the refs allow that to continue as long as it did?

To make matters worse and to play to their racist audience, WBEN turned their headline into a fucking question? What’s the question??

After all, a station dependent upon appealing to racist pigs like the ones in their comment section can’t upset their core audience with direct claims of racism.

Right Tim Wenger?

A state official has now canceled the MOHL 18U playoffs this weekend, when the two teams involved were scheduled to meet again on the ice.

Here’s the video since it probably won’t play in the player above…