Paladino’s Latest Hate Infested Email filled with Fake News

This morning we started getting emails and text about an intensely racist, xenophobic, and hate-filled email sent out by none other than a notorious local racist Carl Paladino.

The email labeled “19 Pictures From Hell (Formerly called Paris, The Capital of France)” is chock-full of racist, bigoted and downright false comments towards refugees.

The email ends with a warning at the bottom stating:


So we decided to look into the email a bit more to see what was real and what wasn’t.

a few google searches later the conclusion was simple.  It was all pure racist bullshit.

This viral email is purported to have originated by “Czech Tourists in 2018 about what they encountered on a weekend trip to Paris”. Upon closer inspection, it’s obvious that the email chain was poorly translated into English by the Russian propaganda machine and spread across White Nationalist websites and forums across the internet, created to do nothing but incite fear and hate among some of the worlds most vulnerable.

The email starts by claiming:

France is being destroyed, as reported by neutral Czech Tourists in 2018 and still getting worse. The overwhelming abuse of the indigenous culture. Shame on those who welcomed such foreseeable destruction.

The viral email has actually been around since before 2017 and has been widely spread on White nationalism and neo-nazi websites and forums across the globe.

It features 19 pictures purporting to be of Paris, France. In reality, most, if not all of the pictures come from other sources dating back as far as 2011.  Almost none of which are photographs of present-day Paris.

Since it is so widely available in the white supremacist and conservative websites around the world, we decided not to reprint the email. You can google it if you want to see the original version.

Also, Alan Bedenko has a good portion of it on his Twitter that sums up the racist, nasty tone of the email:

We decided to do some additional searching through some of the 19 pictures spewed throughout the email to determine where they might have actually come from.  As we predicted, most of the 19 pictures have little or nothing to do with Paris, France or even refugees for that matter.

The first is a picture of three soldiers standing guard with the statement:

“At the Louvre, which is always full of onlookers and tourists, is now deserted, but around armed to the teeth with patrols. These people look at you with suspicion and do not remove their finger from the trigger. And this is not ordinary police, but real soldiers in full dress! As it turned out, in Paris for almost a year living in a state of emergency .. “

The photo below originated from a 2015 news article labeled “soldiers on patrol after attack”


Oddly enough, the picture looks very similar to this one taken around the same time (2015) after the Paris Attacks at New Era Field.  SCARY!!!

The next picture is of  these “scary women” wearing Niqāb’s:

Which is actually a doctored picture from a 2011 Yahoo news article about a potential ban on full body veils in Austria.

Another set of photos claiming to be trash and debris left over by refugees, is actually that of the Paris Garbage Strike in 2017 and a flood that turned parts of Paris into a giant garbage dump

The other picture of trash was also used in this Ukranian newspaper article from 2017:

The next series of pictures is a collage of black people doing non-threatening things, like sleeping in tents and standing in lines.

Most of which first appeared on islamophobic white nationalists Twitter feeds in 2018:

UPDATE: Upon closer inspection of some of the pictures below, we found two of the pictures actually originated from a Russian Propaganda website as far back as 2017.

these were accompanied with the statement that:

“It was a terrifying experience. I can imagine what’s going on in Marseille and Calais where migrants already de facto set their own rules. In France, a civil war is brewing, that’s what I say. Therefore, I recommend not to go there – Farewell, beloved France! God forbid that we had something like this in the Czech Republic!

The last part of the email labeled ‘more of Paris’ aren’t actually photos from Paris at all. In fact, one of a man urinating on a subway train was actually taken in the United States on a New York City subway car.

DISINFORMAZIONE La foto dell’uomo che urina nella metropolitana e “l’Italia di Renzi”

It was also used by Nationalists in Italy to politically attack Matteo Renzi, who served as Prime Minister of Italy in 2014:

The second picture of a black man making a mess of some McDonalds on a train appears to have also originated in Italy. 

Lesson learned:  If you’re going to waste your days spreading hate, fear, Islamophobia, and xenophobia, at least make sure what you send to thousands of people via email is actually real.  Otherwise, you’re just another ill-informed, racist asshole like Carl Paladino.