It started with a group of constituents tired of being deleted and blocked by their NYS Assemblyman every time they criticized him on his social media channels.

Today, his illegal actions were put to an end by the counsel to the Assembly minority:

I have therefore referred the matter to counsel to the Assembly Minority, Kevin Engel. He is investigating the matter, has already spoken with Assemblyman Dipietro, and will endeavor to ensure that Assemblyman Dipietro’s Facebook page is administered in conformity to the law.

You should expect a more specific response fairly soon, but please feel free to contact me should you not hear back from someone in the next several days. I can be reached at the cell number below. Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention.

Within days of informing the committee of Assemblyman David DiPietro’s banning of a large number of constituents who regularly disagreed with him on his own social media channels, the counsel for the Assembly minority rectified the situation by informing DiPietro’s office that they were in violation of the law:

Assembly Minority Counsel Kevin Engel spoke again to Assemblyman Dipietro, and The Assemblyman assured him that he will be restoring (if he has not already) your posting privileges as well as those of several others who have in the past been blocked.

So this morning, people who had been shut out from interacting with their Assemblyman started getting their privileges back.

It also resulted in a post by the assemblyman about some “New Rules” that now apply to his Facebook page:

For a guy consistently known to spread fake, inaccurate news and information, DiPietro will likely have a tough time following his own rules”.

Fortunately for us, there’s now an active, growing group of constituents that can now continue to keep him honest:

(Editor’s Note: just a few hours in and his page is already turning into a flaming shitshow.)