Sandy Beach Gets Called Out for Misrepresenting Assemblyman’s Legislation

WBEN show host Sandy Beach is so out of touch with reality that it’s probably time he hangs up his microphone or goes back to just playing music.

On yesterday’s show Legislator Patrick Burke called in to defend a bill he is proposing that would set payment plans for people who might not be able to afford the fines and fees associated with traffic violations.

In standard senile Beach fashion, Beach automatically jumped to his own conclusion that the bill is somehow going to ‘screw’ rich people like himself.

Beach refused to listen to logic and instead carried on like a petulant child further spreading misinformation to his already uneducated audience.

Instead of having a debate like a normal adult, Beach used his drop button to silence the burke while he disrespectfully talked over and insulted the legislator and his family.


Nowhere in the initial release of Legislator Burke’s legislation does it mention poor people:

Assemblyman Pat Burke (D-Buffalo) announced that he introduced legislation to help lessen the burden of traffic and parking tickets on those facing financial hardship. The bill, called the Traffic Ticket Relief Act (A7070), would allow hearing officers and examiners to alleviate the financial burden of traffic tickets by reducing fines and/or offering payment in installments based on one’s inability to pay.
“It is important that traffic and parking laws are enforced for the safety of our community,” said Burke. “However, even minor traffic and parking violations can be financially devastating for many New Yorkers who cannot afford to pay the fines.”
In the four year period starting in 2014, the New York Department of Transportation recorded over 14 million traffic tickets. Failure to pay traffic tickets can result in increasing fines, and even the suspension of one’s driver’s license. A suspended or revoked license can further strain a person’s financial stability, especially for those who rely on driving to get to and from work.
“The purpose of issuing traffic and parking tickets should be to discourage unsafe driving and parking, not to cause financial hardship and disproportionately punish poor New Yorkers,” said Burke.
The Traffic Ticket Relief Act has been referred to the Assembly Transportation Committee.

Beach’s senile old man syndrome apparently kicked in and the only ridiculous argument he could muster was that the legislation must in some way work against rich people who can afford to pay their fines and fees on time.

You can listen to the exchange below and then send Sandy Beach and WBEN a tweet  or email to let him know what kind of uneducated butthead Sandy Beach really is.

The interview starts at around the 25 minute mark: