Amherst Committeeman Receives Threat

It seems like no one is safe from white nationalism these days, even right here in Amherst, which for years has been widely regarded as one of America’s safest communities.

When Amherst Democratic Committee member Sibu Nair went to his mailbox early last week, he was met with an unexpected surprise:

The letter was placed in his mailbox with no identifying information. Amherst police were notified and patrols around Sibu’s neighborhood have been increased.

Sibu is currently the campaign manager for Jeanne Vinal, the endorsed democrat running to replace Tom Loughran on the Erie County Legislature. He’s worked on many Democratic campaigns, most recently Sibu was involved with Assemblyperson Karen McMahon’s campaign.

Luckily, Sibu and his family have a lot more people happy they decided to make Amherst their home and Sibu assures us he won’t be ‘leaving’ anytime soon.

This nonsense needs to stop. If anyone has any information about what vile, Trump supporting hatemonger might have left this threat or if you have any information on other individuals spreading threats and other hate-filled rhetoric, please contact the Amherst Police Department or your local authorities.