Bella Tries a Yo Pup Sundae

Our resident canine reporter Bella insisted she stop by Churn Soft Serve this weekend to review the Fetch! Dog Treats #YoPupSundae.

Despite a few distractions and taking some time to make new friends, Bella tells us your pup will love it as much as she did!

This specialty dog ice cream delight comes in the form of a sundae served up in a bowl filled with Churn’s dairy-free vegan coconut ice cream, house-made peanut butter sauce, and a Fetch! bone-shaped peanut butter/sweet potato treat dipped in sugar-free yogurt icing. According to Churn Marketing Manager, Ally Ruiz Balcerzak, this newest menu item is far from a marketing gimmick.

“We love dogs at Churn and lloyd. Our patios are dog-friendly, and it’s normal to see at least one pup chilling outside Churn at any given time. People were already coming in to order their fur kids dishes of ice cream, so creating a special sundae just for our four-legged guests felt like a natural next step.” Ruiz Balcerzak said. “Everything on our menu is either made in-house or has been vetted by owners Pete Cimino and Chris Dorsaneo to make sure it’s made from real ingredients and minimally processed. Fetch! is the perfect partner for the Treat Yo Pup sundae because our companies share the same food philosophy, they’re locally owned and operated, and we both love dogs. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Fix-A-Bull WNY this summer to host a series of Dog Days where they bring adoptable dogs to hang out on the patio and meet potential forever families. With two partners dedicated to improving the lives of dogs, we’ve officially made this the ‘summer of pups’ at Churn.”