Mychaliw’s Big Flip Flop on County Parks

Not only has Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw apparently abandoned his job as Erie County comptroller, but he seems to have forgotten how to do his former job as a television news reporter. Mychajliw has released a series of fake and misleading videos posted to his social media accounts that are supposed to show the current conditions of some of Erie County’s 10,000-acre parks system.

So far, Mychajliw has shown a beach that has been closed down for more than 6 years due to the No-Swimming ban put in place years ago after 3 people died.

He also showed what he claimed was a handicapped bathroom in Chestnut Ridge Park, only to find out that the same facility no longer considered a “bathroom’. Which logically explains why the toilet and door to the stall has been removed.

Mychaljliw’s fake news reports on the conditions of the County parks is strikingly different than his reaction 8 years ago when he was Rep. Chris Collins mouthpiece for his losing re-election bid.

Can’t have it both ways Stefan… Sho which one is it?