10 Signs of the Apocalypse Told by Buffalo’s Skyway Corridor Competition

Not sure anyone was really paying attention when the Empire State Development Corporation opened up the future of Buffalo’s “skyway Corridor” to the public to challenge the nation’s top urban designers, economists, planners, and architects to reimagine the corridor.

Judging by these top 16 choices... it seems like that might’ve been another regrettable decision!

After taking a look at some of the 16 finalist renderings, the ESDC may want to seriously reconsider WNYmedia’s original 2007 conceptual plans for Buffalo’s outer harbor(yes we’ve been talking about this nonsense for more than 12 years).

I mean, come on… Who doesn’t like hotdogs and horsey parks?

While the mission of the contest is to “ensure past mistakes are not repeated’, here are a just a few of our favorite ways the ESDC will make sure we carry on that legacy with an entirely new shitshow of bad ideas:

10. Dr. Suess Called. He Want’s His House Back

9. Keep Em Separated…?

(Isn’t eliminating the thing that separates the inner and outer harbor the entire idea of this exercise in futility? (oh and by the way… You can’t design our city’s future if you quote Offspring in your official proposal)

8. Better Be A RollerCoaster in that Thing! 

(As you’ll see the giant duck is definitely an ongoing theme…)

7. Gondola to Nowhere?

(Why not.. We already have a subway that goes nowhere..)

6. Three Words: Giant Bird Sculptures!

5. The “F**k the Pegula’s” Model?

(Not sure where the arena went… or General mills… but hey, why should significant details matter!)

4. The Key to Buffalo’s Future: Hanging Boxes!


(Is that Buster Bison kayaking out of town?)

2. Nothing Like Giant Cement Relics to Reinvigorate a City

1.  End Times…

(Who doesn’t like a good sail in the middle of a Buffalo February? Again with the drones?)