October Financial Filing Spotlights Widespread Support for Poloncarz

Erie County voters are enthusiastically showing their support for the re-election of County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz, whose campaign today reported a robust $574,462 in cash on hand with early voting starting in just 22 days and Election Day just 32 days away. The 32-day Pre-Election financial filing showed a mix of small-dollar donors continuing to join with labor and business in support of Poloncarz, a sure sign that his message of working for all the people of Erie County is resonating.  The energized Poloncarz campaign continues to reinforce that message through voter contacts with one-on-one interactions, phone conversations and other outreach efforts that have clearly been effective in demonstrating the difference between the popular Poloncarz and his flagging Republican opponent, who reported a total of $56,000 cash on hand in her financial filing today.

“Mark is honored and humbled to have the support of so many residents here in Erie County, people from all walks of life who understand that our county is moving forward under his administration and who do not want to return to the bad old days. They’re his bosses and he’s  happy to report to them that we’ve lowered the property tax rate while increasing investments in infrastructure and have retired nearly $100 million in county debt over the past eight years,” said Poloncarz 2019 Campaign Spokesman Peter Anderson. “At the same time, new businesses are coming to Erie County while established ones are expanding here, bringing new jobs and strengthening our economic sector. Residents recognize what good governance and solid leadership have done for Erie County in recent years, and mark is looking forward to continuing to serve as their County Executive.”

Anderson continued, “It is also illuminating to see who is supporting Mark’s opponent and who she is paying as well. Are her supporters happy to see her longtime campaign advisor, who has been investigated by law enforcement as part of the Steve Pigeon conviction and  Chris Collins felony insider trading scandals, continuing to siphon off the funds they are donating to her campaign? She is also taking money from the same polluters trying to ram through a hot mix asphalt plant in Hamburg, a plan that is fiercely opposed by voters in her own district, yet she appears to be ignoring them. Are Hamburg voters happy at being sold out like that? This filing shows the real, stark differences between the two campaigns and while Mark is moving Erie County forward she would take us back to a corrupt and polluted past.”